Don’t Ask Me About Brexit

Once upon a time, in a land bobbing serenely in the Pacific far, far away from home and, let’s be honest, just about anything, an Englishwoman pondered the fate of her politically turbulent homeland. I don’t often think about Brexit these days, mostly because it isn’t shoved obnoxiously in my face by unrelenting media outletsContinue reading “Don’t Ask Me About Brexit”

Maximum Adventure

Gather round my friends, grab your sticks and your marshmallows and huddle yourselves close to the glowing embers of my curious travel anecdotes because it’s story time. In this episode I thought I’d share with you some of my escapades over the last eighteen months – the weird ones where things went off-piste, because nothingContinue reading “Maximum Adventure”

Best of Bella’s Odyssey

I was thinking, there’s quite a lot of stuff here on Bella’s Odyssey. I pictured myself visiting my blog for the first time and it invoked the mild panic-inducing lost and bewildered feeling I get when I’m in a department store, trapped by the fluorescent lights and endless clutter of brightly coloured things, which isContinue reading “Best of Bella’s Odyssey”