Greetings! I’m Bella and I’m a writer. Since I hurled myself woefully unprepared into the murky swamp of travel 2.5 years ago, my work has focused on the subject of living out of a suitcase, having no idea what I’m doing, and relentlessly pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.
I specialise in reflective essays with a sense of humour. I’m all about authenticity, gently inspiring readers to get out there in the world, but also to think at a deeper level about ourselves and strive for a greater sense of satisfaction and happiness in our everyday, no matter where we are in life or on the planet.
So, fasten your seatbelt for a white-knuckle amble through the realest anecdotes, more metaphysical pondering than you can shake a maraca-clad rattlesnake at, and plenty of exciting metaphors as I pedalboat the scenic route along an odyssey of travel, culture, personal development, and what it means to be alive in this peculiar world of selfies, shoes for dogs, and whatever Donald Trump is.

If you like, you can become my 11th Twitter follower @thebellalucia and if you assault Instagram with the same handle you’ll find me there posting photos of myself sitting in various locations. It really is a thrilling time to be alive.