Greetings, intrepid trawler of the internet! I’m Bella and I write things for your entertainment here in this corner of the web.

My odyssey began way back in 2017 as I hurled myself all alone and woefully unprepared into the murky swamp of travel and since that day my work has focused mainly on the subjects of living out of a suitcase, having no idea what I’m doing, and relentlessly pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.

As an outward-looking, introspective type of person, I specialise in reflective essays with a sprinkle of moderately abstract British humour. I tell stories about personal growth and learning to find happiness, often engaging in a kind of lazy cultural spectatorship to seek out the funny and the weird among the incredible tedium of life as a grown up.

So, fasten your seatbelt for a white-knuckle stroll through the mulberry bushes of philosophical intrigue with plenty of exciting metaphors as, together, we pedal boat the scenic route along an expedition of what it means to be alive in this peculiar world of selfies, shoes for dogs, and whatever Donald Trump is.

If you like, you can become my 11th Twitter follower @thebellalucia and if you ambush Instagram with the same handle you’ll find me there posting photos of myself sitting in various locations. What a thrilling time to be alive!