I don’t know about you, but I’m really bored of the ‘Top Ten Things To Do In X’ and ‘Hidden Gems Of Y’ articles that litter the conventional travel literature like rubbish after a hot day at the beach. I mean, how many hidden gems can there be? How much can you really learn about a place in 48 or 72 hours?

I’m more interested in the people I meet along the way. I like the weird, funny situations I find myself in. I tend to submerge myself in my surroundings so I can benevolently observe the local habitat like an alligator with a clipboard, eyes peering surreptitiously over the waterline, poised to snatch unsuspecting gems of knowledge about life and then share them with you.

We don’t really like to conform here on Bella’s Odyssey, and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me,’ because it’s just me here in the office and by office I mean my house. My writing is often longer and more narrative than most travel pieces. I keep it real; I don’t like to give advice to anyone about anything, because, to tell you the truth, the longer I’ve been alive on this planet I realise I don’t know anything about anything. I don’t pretend my life is all jet setting and lounging around on beaches drinking undisclosed beverages from coconuts in sunny locations, because (spoiler alert!) it isn’t.

But I regularly have convulsions of existential thought and I write because it’s fun. My Odyssey is about my travels as well as the experiment I call my life. Things get pretty philosophical around here, so you’d better fasten your seatbelt, although you probably won’t need it because I’m a sensible driver.