A Good Day at Work


Working at a computer all day occasionally has its perks. I get to be indoors when it’s raining, for example. But mostly it’s perilous and fraught with desk-related dangers. I mean, has the bloke working on the off-shore oil rig ever had a paper cut? Hmm? A real deep, filthy cardboard cut? No, of course he hasn’t, because he gets to not work at a desk all day. And I know miners have relatively adverse working conditions, but working at a desk considerably shortens your life in a slow, debilitating and not to mention boring way.  I can’t think of anything more boring than literally sitting yourself to death. Death by being seated.
More importantly, welcome to 2017! I’m not sure what’s happened because normally January lasts for over six months but this time the worst month of the year has shot past like a bar of soap squeezed out an unsuspecting hand, leaping for glorious freedom like Free Willy only it’s a bar of soap and not a killer whale. I don’t have any strong feelings about the year so far, because, well, I don’t know, it’s only January so why bother with strong feelings or making predictions for the year. And stop sitting at your desk all day, it’s bad for you.

Published by Bella Lucia

Mostly harmless, occasionally humorous.

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