Christmas is Christmassing here at Lucia HQ. And by that I mean it’s doing the best it can considering we’re all ill and unenthused and in bed by 9.30. I’ve been doing a terrible job of eating loads (even the beloved Lebkuchen isn’t going down very well) but I’ve done excellently at lounging around like a fat seal pup, though far less cute, and for the first time in ages I’ve had nothing to do. I may have simply forgotten all the things I was supposed to do, or am subconsciously ignoring them, or (most likely) forgot to write them down so now they’re lost forever. To be honest, I care more about Kim Kardashian’s latest stupid face painting ritual than I care about all the things I’ve forgotten I’m supposed to be doing. Which is not very much. About a fifth the size of a nanometre… 0.2 nanometres, if you prefer fractions expressed as decimals.

As is customary I took some photos to prove that it really is Christmas here at Lucia HQ, and thus I present to you a handful of blurry photos (damn you slow shutter speed shaky hands!). I was getting experimental over several evenings with a long exposure of Little Apple Tree in the garden that has fallen victim to Christmas decorations, and things got pretty weird out there. Weird to the point where I don’t know what looks right any more and where I don’t know if I’ve created a monster or if I’ve had a photographic breakthrough. Alas, we live and we learn. On a side note, I’ve been improving my sewing since my disappointing surfboard sock, as you can see by the little stocking chain I made. I also made the wreath, purely with stuff I found in the garden. Apart from the ribbon, of course, which is from the Neighbour’s garden. They have a ribbon tree.

Wishing you a super Christmas time, my friends, and I hope you’re all enjoying some well-deserved time off and you’ve managed to avoid the dreaded lurgy unlike me.


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