Forgetting Things

I like the concept of forgetting things.I also like the concept of losing things:
You own something, it exists somewhere – you just don’t know where it is. You did, at some point, know where it is because you put it there – and, chances are, being an inanimate object that cannot move by itself, it’s still there… yet its resting place eludes you. I like to imagine what the thing you’ve lost is doing right now, usually while you’re looking for it. It probably watched you storm past, angrily throwing things out the way in your tempest of fury and lateness and for God’s sake, it was here earlier, where is it?!
I like to imagine it looking puzzled, wondering what all the commotion is about.

It’s less funny when you lose something because you put it somewhere and someone else moves it to some stupid place where you don’t know where it is. That’s really annoying. It’s also slightly unnerving because it brings to light the fact that most things happen when you’re not around to witness it. In fact, pretty much all of the stuff that’s ever happened, including stuff happening right now, happened without your knowledge. Maybe don’t think about that too much.

Forgetting things is funny because you can go the whole day, bumbling through your normal activities, thinking about all the hundreds of things you think about but all the while forgetting something really important that you remembered yesterday. Then, while you’re chopping up carrots for dinner you look out the window and see an eagle fly past holding an ice cream and you think “Shit! I was supposed to pick up a card for my Mum.”
Memory really is a strange thing.
I have an alarming number of memories where I have no idea if they really happened or not. I’ve gone days thinking that something happened before it becoming abruptly apparent that it was actually a dream and I don’t, in fact, have to find a pair of shoes for a persuasive king cobra I met in Memphis. Now my default assumption is that is probably didn’t happen, then it’s a nice surprise when someone else remembers the same event and it turns out that it did happen.

Or did it?

Published by Bella Lucia

Mostly harmless, occasionally humorous.

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