Month: March 2016


Menu Project

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If you know me even a little bit you’ll quite quickly figure out that I’m a big fan of satire and when left to my own devices in terms of creativity I always make something terribly sarcastic and ironic. It’s really fun. So the next challenge I set myself was to typeset a menu but I had to make up the contents of the menu myself. I suppose I could have written ‘sample’ or ‘enter dish here’ or something boring and templatey like that but that’s, well, eye-wateringly boring and templatey, so, true to my style, I made up a menu that was absolutely disgusting but hopefully humorous. My restaurant is called the Rotten Boathouse – come for dinner sometime!
You can click on the middle image (the menu inside) to open it in a new window and make it massive in order to have a read.

Menu Project coverMenu Project innerMenu Project back