February Photos

This month I give you a little photoset. I love daffodils. They’re the cheeriest of all the plants, bobbing away in the spring breeze (or, well, perhaps gale force winds if you live in the South West) and they’re tough, too, surviving even the chilliest of frosts. I learned, though, that it’s quite hard to take photos of my jolly yellow friends, not because they refrain from keeping still (they do) but because it’s difficult to capture their colour properly. My pink orchid decided to flower for the first time in years and it’s looking delightful, if I may say so myself. Here again it’s amazingly difficult to capture its true pink on camera, so I challenged myself and my partner in crime (also a keen amateur photographist) to take a photo of it. The last time it flowered, back in 1987, I really struggled to get anywhere near the true pink but this time I think I nailed it, both the daffodil and the orchid. It’s a nice feeling to see, literally, how you’ve progressed.

The sun finally came out and it dissolved us all, our pale skin unable to cope and our tiny mole eyes blinded. Actually it was magnificent, and at the weekend we insisted on being outside all day in spite of the almost sub-zero temperatures. And when I say sub zero I actually mean about 7 degrees, which is cold enough if you ask me.







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