Month: November 2015


Further To My Post…

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I take back what I said last week about there being nothing to photograph except wet leaves. The universe must have read my article because the very next day I looked out my window to see a thick autumn fog looking back. I grabbed my camera and rushed up to the moor before even having breakfast. I needn’t have rushed, though, because the fog hung around for another three or four days. Regardless, it was quite amazing to wander around in the heavy silence; a couple of joggers and dog walkers emerged from the mist – I heard them approach long before I saw them – but other than that there wasn’t a soul around. It was interesting taking photos of stuff shrouded in stratus cloud, what with all the whiteness everywhere, and I don’t have much to show for it, but, hey, here’s my attempt at fog photography.
In other news, a wet storm this morning blew away my hopes and dreams of some crisp autumn scenery this weekend (again), and my mum is getting fed up of me writing ‘snakes’ on her shopping list.