Gourd Artist

Happy autumn, my friends! I wanted to get out and take some photos of beautiful, crisp autumn scenery this weekend but it’s been raining all week and the only thing to take photos of is a heavy grey sky and wet leaves. And who wants to see photos of wet leaves? I hate wet leaves. They’re slippery and they stick to your shoe and if you kick a pile of them you’ll regret it.
I’m being a halloween scrooge this year, not participating in any festivities – I haven’t even purchased a pumpkin to deface! Which is probably an attitude quite common among the wider public but doesn’t sit well with my philosophy for celebrating every season and occasion. Oh well. If you don’t feel like celebrating then I suppose that’s fine – no one should force themselves to carve triangle eyes and a half moon mouth into a vegetable, especially when secret gourd artists suddenly appear all over facebook revealing their pumpkin rendition of Bruce Willis in Die Hard 2. Quite frankly it’s wasteful. Poor pumpkins.
Well anyway, I’ve learned to appreciate autumn (in spite of halloween). I wouldn’t like to live in a place without seasons, and I think we in the UK forget how beautiful our little island is and how amazing our spring and autumns are. Permanent summer would be boring, so with that logic one must appreciate the season even when it gets dark at five in the afternoon and wet leaves get stuck to your shoe.

It feels wrong to post a post without including any photos, so here are a couple I took earlier in the month before the rain came. If you’re feeling the autumn blues I highly recommend getting out for a walk in the countryside. Even if it’s raining! Nature always makes me feel better, plus I’m fortunate enough to live in the Westcountry – a beautiful place to experience autumn.



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