A Complaint About August

What the hell happened to August? And why are we tricked every year – by ‘them,’ whoever they are; the combine; the machine; the turner of the hamster wheel – into thinking it’s going to be ‘the hottest August on record’. Perhaps more importantly, why do we fall for it every time? It starts off on BBC Radio 4, I reckon, where the stuffy BBC elite decide it will be fun to  trick us common folk who can’t afford a holiday to Gibraltar or Dubai or wherever the hell they go on their summer holidays. “It’s going to be the hottest August on record” they snigger live on air, “be sure to book your camping holiday in Cornwall”.
The ‘wettest August on record’ would have been more fitting and I think I speak for most of us here when I say we’ve been throughly let down by the weather-makers and, dare I say it, by BBC Radio 4.

Besides, even when they predict the ‘hottest August on record’, the South West is in some sort of good weather exclusion zone where it never, ever, gets above 19 degrees. Us lot down here, then, should exercise extra caution about falling for the annual good weather false hope conspiracy.

Anyway, during the two or three hours of nice weather this month I managed to get some decent snaps. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about photography – actually, it’s pretty much the only thing I’ve learned about photography – it’s that if you see a shot, RUN for your camera. And I mean RUN, because for some reason nice shots don’t hang about for long. That, and it’s kind of fun to suddenly sprint somewhere – appearing to everyone else like a magnificent blur.

DSC_2672 copy
The moon at midday (well, just after 11.00)





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