Solsticey Celebrations

Happy summer solstice, my Northern hemisphere-dwelling friends! (And merry winter solstice for those upside down). In typical British summer fashion, it’s been cloudy all day so the extra minutes of light have made absolutely no difference to the actual experience of the longest day of the year. It’s a little disappointing, considering that last year my fella and I went to the beach, swam in the sea and had an excellent, long, sun-filled day.
No matter, I thought to myself, I’ll carry on with my now habitual celebrating of everything, undeterred by the 15 degrees and threat of rain. You see, I decided a while ago to celebrate all the major (and many minor, actually) events in the calendar because it feels like time is passing slower when you do more stuff. It also gets me to appreciate more – making the effort, for example, to celebrate springtime by going for walks in the bluebell woods, buying springtime flowers or eating the fruit and vegetables of the season. I later remember doing these things and it makes my life seem more action-packed amongst the blur of daily routines and having to decide what to eat for dinner (again!).

And when I say celebrate, I really don’t mean going on some wild booze-fueled extravaganza, I mean just appreciating the smaller, simpler things around you – the frosty morning, or the awesome clouds, or the tradition of getting together for Easter or Mother’s day or whatever you choose to celebrate. This is so important, I think, in this fast-paced era of communication and instant answers and snapchat, to take the time to reintegrate oneself into our surroundings by being more aware of them! While this may sound new-agey and a bit ‘just chill out, man, we’re all connected,’ I bet you know what I mean.

Plus, by some brilliant coincidence, it is also international day of yoga today. So, naturally, I expertly combined my solsticey celebrations with this other of my favourite things to do – yoga – by braving the gloom and practicing yoga in the garden (and then bragged about it on Twitter, of course). It was a modest celebration, but it feels good to make the effort.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my camera and experimenting with photography lately, however I told myself I’d hold off the photos for this post and commit to some writing. So far so good, but, alas, I did a great shoot the other day in the garden and this jolly daisy is the perfect summer image, and hopefully it will inject some sunshine into your day.


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