Whose Opinion? Not Mine!

I’ve been very quiet on the ol’ blog front (not that anyone has noticed) – this is because I feel that I don’t have anything interesting or insightful to say, and I usually feel under pressure to say interesting and insightful things on this here internet webpage. I was then thinking about how, when people become famous, suddenly their opinion matters. No one gave a shit about what the famous person thought before they were famous – but, by and large, the public seems to believe that fame has that quality whereby it makes someone important, and therefore what the famous person thinks about stuff is important too. It doesn’t matter if the famous person’s opinions are boring, mis-informed, or outright moronic; they’re famous, so we should all care a lot.

Hey, famous person, what do you think about global poverty?
“I think it’s bad”
*Everyone goes wild and thinks how clever the famous person is for informing us that global poverty is bad*

I’m not famous, so no one cares what I think, but that’s what I think about what famous people think about stuff and how everyone cares about it. I don’t have anything else to say, so I’ll just share some photos I took at the weekend of stuff that I do care about (and… wait for it… it’s not famous people’s opinions about stuff), which includes taking pictures of nice moments, stuff I like, and things I see.

The UK is beautiful!
The UK is beautiful!
Being still and reflecting is important
Being still and reflecting is important


Nature is humbling
Nature is humbling

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