Windy New Year

It’s been comically windy here in Bristol. The kind of windy where everyone walking down the street tries valiantly to pretend everything is under control, despite being knocked left and right by eye-watering gusts – bags of shopping flailing wildly. It’s the kind of wind where rogue leaves smack you in the face, quivering there for a moment before peeling off and tumbling on to the next victim. Where you (me, especially) are chased along the pavement by unnerving plastic bags snapping at your feet, and just when you break into a run to escape, a recycling bin overtakes you on the outside.

I like this kind of wind because it inconveniences everybody – no one is immune to looking like a drunken fool as they try to stagger along, perhaps wrestling umbrellas or those large art portfolio folders. I especially like it when someone – me included – gets stuck in one of those weird wind whirlpools; the ones where, as the trapped soul tries to step forward, he or she is forced to take two steps back, hovering there for a moment with one leg poised before gaining enough momentum to continue. I can’t help but chuckle to myself on these comically windy days.

Anyway, it’s also 2015 – happy new year my favourite blog-reading friends! 2015 seems pretty good so far. I’ve been lacking something good to read, though, which has been bothering me. Reading inspires me to write, but what I really want to do this year is to read about physics – because physics inspires the science fiction enthusiast residing in my soul. Not the weird aliens-with-gills-coming-to-kill-us-all so prominent in sci-fi – although I am certainly partial to a bit of dystopian fiction – but sci-fi concepts like time travel and other worlds and parallel universes. So reading about real-world physics, like space and atoms and time, is just what I need to get writing about my favourite concepts.
Let me know your recommendations, if you have them!

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