The Internet

The internet is great, isn’t it? I think it’s the best thing about being alive in the 21st century. Well, apart from 21st century medicine – the scientific advances in medicine over the last 150 years are staggering. Let’s all take a moment to be glad for anaesthesia, and ibuprofen, and that so many diseases are actually curable these days.
Back to the internet: it’s hardly believable how much information is out there right at our fingertips. In fact, you’re reading this on the internet right now! You could be in the UK, like me, or in the Philippines, or in Iceland, or South Africa. You could be almost anywhere on the planet and be reading this. It’s incredible.
There is, of course, the dark side of the internet, about which I don’t want to go into detail today as I feel like keeping things light-hearted and fun. But I can’t simply glaze over the horrors of human trafficking or child pornography, or transnational terrorism or drug trafficking. All of these are possible in the 21st century thanks to the internet.
And then there’s all the crap that has to be sifted through in order to find the good, credible sources of information. There are the God-awful blogs with articles about the internet, all the pseudo-scientific opinionated gibberish that is sometimes dangerously convincing. The keyboard warriors who are afforded an opinion – which should be a good thing, everyone is entitled to an opinion after all. But these people abuse their right to a voice and use it to spread fear, or hate, or to criticise others for no reason.

However, as we know, there are great things on the internet. Ordinary people doing funny, creative things. Huge inside jokes that reference something that has happened in this mind-boggling virtual space.
Memes, for example.
Those little photos with captions on them written in ‘Impact’ font. Anything can become a meme. You could become a meme. In fact, you could already be a meme. Of course, most of them are terrible, misspelled, nonsense made by some loon and, like with everything else on the ‘net, you have to sift through the seemingly endless crap to find a good one. But, man, when you do find a good one, it is wonderful.

There are far, far, far too many ones out there to include in one post, but I’ve compiled a short list of my favourites – the ones I can remember, anyway, and I’ve excluded the obvious ones like Grumpy Cat, who actually has his own website.

Take, for example, Nicholas Cage’s face on things, which has acquired its own facebook page.
This one might be my favourite firstly because of the utter abstractness of it, I mean, take a look at this. But also because I can’t stand Nicholas Cage – I mean, has he ever done a good movie?

Then there is the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy and his Spinoffs. I love this because it’s an example of that magical meme thing that happens when a seemingly ordinary, innocent photo has meaning added to it and then gets totally out of hand. I love this one also because the whole ‘Ridiculously Photogenic’ series is just great.

The Scarlett Johansson Falling Down memes also got out of hand, but, man, were they great.

Lastly, there are the ‘Pssst’ memes. Now, unfortunately, as is so often the case with stuff on the ‘net, you have to wade through the rubbish ones to get the gold nugget meme that is actually funny. A quick google search demonstrates this. But then you find it. And that makes it all better.

Can you think of a funnier meme? Post it in the comments box below, so we can all have a good laugh and feel better about ourselves.

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Mostly harmless, occasionally humorous.

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